I’m on a mission. Not just to bring Yin Yoga to a wider audience, but to encourage students to peel away the layers of their bodies, their hearts and their souls. To reveal what’s messy and frayed, light and joyful, profound and inspiring—to feel it all and fully embrace what makes us all simultaneously unique, yet inextricably connected to each other.

This is what Yin Yoga is for me, and I believe it can be for you, too. While my personal hatha practice spans nearly two decades, my teaching now focuses almost exclusively on Yin Yoga—its physical, energetic and emotional benefits, and its ability to attune us to ourselves and to balance the sometimes-craziness of our “yang” lifestyles.

To be clear, the physical practice of Yin Yoga is powerful, and an excellent complement to more dynamic activities. That’s what captured me initially. But, it was the stillness of the practice that intrigued me more. Intense both physically and mentally, to be sure. But, magical and transformative in ways that often feel indescribable.

That’s what I’m here to share, and I hope you’ll join me. For those of you who appreciate the practical bonafides, I am an E-RYT and a certified Yin Yoga teacher, who has trained and continues to train with Biff Mithoefer (he’s awesome, btw). I’ve also done additional trauma-based training through the Prison Yoga Project, and I’m a certified Reiki level 2 practitioner.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here with any questions—I love talking about Yin and why it inspires me!